3 Lesser Known Denver Plumbing Repair Issues That Keep Coming Up

Posted On May 5, 2022

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Denver plumbing repair concerns arise all the time and not always in the most pleasant of circumstances. You might have a home that is plagued by the odor of sewage and dirty water that can’t be removed due to a clogged drain or some issue that’s even worse. Alternatively, maybe a pipe cracked and you need a replacement quickly to prevent water damage.

Lots of issues relating to Denver plumbing can of course be resolved without much effort. However, some of them may be less common and more difficult to deal with since even seasoned plumbers could be puzzled by them:

  1. You’d be surprised how much trouble can be caused simply because there is no blueprint or any kind of documentation of your plumbing system. If you live in a small apartment it’s not that bad, but if you’re living in a larger, older home where everything was customized and modified several decades ago, then your plumber might have a lot of difficulty in figuring out where everything is.
  2. Some plumbing problems require literally a race around the clock. When water damage threatens areas of your home that can’t be moved (such as your expensive flooring or an old and valuable piece of furniture), many plumbers can even be overwhelmed.
  3. Old electric wiring left inside the wall and running close to your plumbing can cause a great deal of problems and possibly even become a deadly hazard. As you well know, water and electricity don’t mix well, and when a pipe cracks in your wall close to a power outlet or your wiring, then you might need to call on an electrician as well as a plumber.

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Written by Connor

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