3 Lesser Known Plumbing Issues Your Newly Bought Denver Home Might Have

Posted On December 7, 2021

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Newly bought properties may have hidden problems, including plumbing issues. When you make a prospective visit, pay close attention to the condition and the way the hot and cold water pipes and sewerage were designed.

The problem of the sanitary installations is of a technical nature and must be resolved together with a specialist. Repairs performed may be invasive, depending on the problem, and causes inconveniences, including restoring damaged areas and finishes.

3 lesser known plumbing issues your newly bought Denver home might have include:

The shower head is installed either too low or too high

This is definitely an inconvenience that can cause unwanted water splashes around the bathroom, or make you stay in unnatural positions when using the shower. You should be able to fix this issue quite easily, by using an S-shaped pipe that can be turned upwards or down.

Clogged drainage

Even if your newly bought home is brand new, you may have clogged drainage. This mostly happens because of construction debris that ends up in the tub or in the sinks. You will likely need help from a to fix this issue.

Orange water

If your water is rust-colored, it could be caused by not using the installation for a longer period of time (in which case it will clean by itself, if you let the water flow for a while), or by water heater problems (which will require the intervention of a plumber).

Whatever your plumbing issues are, quality plumbing in Denver is found at Christopher’s Plumbing. They have serviced the Denver area for 60 years. and maintained their mission of providing expert plumbing services to Coloradans with fair pricing and exceptional customer service.

Written by Connor

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