3 of the Most Common Denver Plumbing Problems

Posted On October 13, 2021

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In any household, at a given moment, defects may occur in the sanitary or thermal installations. They can be caused by wear and tear that occurs over time, but also by improper execution of the installation system. If the first cause is difficult to prevent, the latter can be easily avoided if you turn to a professional plumber.

Here are the most common plumbing problems fixed by plumbing Denver contractors:

  1. Clogged pipes

This problem is often encountered in the case of sanitary installations. Usually, the first sign that a pipe is clogged is the very slow water draining from the tub or sink. If the situation is worse, the water will not drain at all.

Why are the pipes clogged? They get clogged with household debris that reaches the sewer system. In the case of kitchen pipes, they often become clogged with oils, animal fats, food scraps, coffee grounds etc. The pipes in the bathroom end up being clogged with hair, wet wipes or even ear sticks or cleansing diskettes, carelessly disposed.

  1. Low water pressure

There is nothing more annoying than arriving home after a long and tiring day and discovering that you have no water pressure to take a shower. The reasons can be multiple, from the limestone that settles on the shower head, to water leaks.

  1. The thermal power plant goes into failure

Most thermal power plants fail when something does not work in optimal parameters. The main reason why this happens is the improper pressure inside it.

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