Are All AC Brands the Same?

Posted On June 2, 2021

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There are so many AC brands, so many features and so many price tags out there that figuring out which unit to buy can be an overwhelming task. To make your way through all those names and labels, knowledgeable plumbing repair Denver tradesmen will tell you that no two AC brands are the same, but they do share some features. Here are some things that can help you distinguish among brands:

  • The parent company – the largest AC manufacturers host multiple brands, which means that the most popular twenty AC brands are produced by just a few major corporations;
  • Third party components – if you take the time to research the components used in major AC brands, you will see that there is a lot of overlapping, several different manufacturers using components provided by the same third-party manufacturers;
  • The availability of service – ultimately, what counts is not so much the brand name on your AC, but what happens if your unit breaks down. HVAC  companies are usually affiliated to one or two major brands, which means that they will service only those brands. Before you actually buy an AC, check not only the unit’s capacity and the reviews about the particular brand’s reliability, but also the service companies in your area, then buy a unit for which you can easily find repair.


Written by Connor

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