Can Denver’s Winter Weather Affect Your Plumbing?

Posted On January 7, 2022

If you want to know how Denver’s winter weather can affect your plumbing, all you have to do is call a local plumbing company and ask. They will be able to tell you plenty of stories about homeowners who have failed to take proper care of their plumbing, and have then had to pay a lot of money to tackle the damage to their plumbing system as well as their property.

When you ask an expert, they’ll tell you that it’s not really rocket science to figure out what might happen. Because places like Denver, Colorado are located in areas with low humidity, temperature drops are quite common. In the winter, they can be even more drastic and cause a lot of problems, especially if you have outdoor plumbing made of metal. Pipes made of metal tend to expand and contract due to changing temperatures, and the water inside them can also freeze quite quickly when exposed to temperatures that are well below freezing. The result is that the pipe will crack or even explode, leading to the need for emergency repair.

Christopher's Plumbing

Fortunately, Christopher’s Plumbing,, Denver plumbing repair specialists will typically know how to deal with these types of issues, and they can easily help you out when they happen.

Written by Connor

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