Common Water Heater Problems

Posted On December 5, 2020

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Water heaters are domestic appliances that help us have hot water exactly when we need it. They are able to store hot water and cover the entire family’s needs. However, as with all products, boilers can have various difficulties and irregularities in operation, over the time.

Frequent boiler problems

Thermostat failure

If you notice that the water no longer reaches the desired temperature your appliance may experience a thermostat failure. We recommend that you use the services of a plumbing repair Denver specialist who will identify exactly the problem and indicate the most appropriate fix.

Hard water

Hard water is another problem that a water heater often faces. This is due to the content of hard minerals in it, such as calcium and magnesium salts. Minerals are deposited on the circuit and on the components and negatively influence the operation of the appliance. To prevent problems caused by hard water, we recommend installing a water softening station.

Damage to valves and gaskets

If you encounter defects in the valves and gaskets, it is very possible to deal with water leaks. These can cause corrosion of the boiler components and also operation failure. Additionally, dripping water lowers the pressure, which directly affects the way your water heater works. In short, it will consume more fuel to reach the settings.

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