Do You Need a Professional to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

Posted On April 5, 2021

The garbage disposal unit installed underneath your kitchen sink is an important piece of appliance the break-down of which can cause lots of discomfort. Fortunately, many garbage disposal faults are easy to remedy even for people who are not very keen on DIYing, what’s more, replacing the broken unit is fairly easy as well. Denver plumbing

Although they are always happy to provide plumbing services, helpful Denver plumbing technicians suggest these tips to try before you give up and call a professional:

  • Make sure that the unit is broken, indeed – the location of garbage disposal units makes it easy for the plug to become dislodged or for the circuit breaker to trip. Check whether the unit is correctly connected to the power supply and check the unit’s in-built circuit breaker as well;
  • If the motor is working, but the blades are not, check for jamming – larger pieces of hard food, small kitchen utensils and other hard objects can get dropped into the sink easily, causing the disposal unit to malfunction. Use a flashlight and check to see whether there is anything that needs to be removed manually;
  • If nothing helps, try replacement – disconnect the broken unit as well as the water supply, then grab suitable screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, putty and a putty knife. Start disconnecting the unit from the top and install the new unit according to the product instructions.

Written by Connor

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