Food Items That Should Never Go Down the Sink

Posted On December 12, 2020

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Wondering why your sink gets clogged so often? You are probably doing the wrong thing. In order to prolong the life of your sanitary installation, especially when it comes to the one in the kitchen, follow the advice of some of the best licensed plumbers Denver hosts and NEVER throw the following foods in the sink:

  1. Flour

Where do you throw leftover flour from the table? Probably in the sink, isn’t it? Upon contact with water, the flour swells and becomes sticky, clogging the pipes.

  1. Eggshell

If you have a habit of cleaning the eggs above the sink, you probably know how hard it is to gather all the small pieces to throw them in the trash. Usually these pieces reach the sewer pipe and contribute to its clogging.

  1. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds thrown in the sink accumulates on the walls of the pipes and clogs them.

  1. Household chemicals

Detergents are made up of all kinds of chemicals, which, once in the water, remain in it for a long time. No water filter can ensure their complete disposal, and the impact on the environment is appalling.

  1. The oil left after frying

It is well known that fat does not dissolve, but settles on the walls, and in contact with cold water it hardens and clogs the pipes. It is best to pour the oil into a plastic bottle, which you can then throw in the trash.


Written by Connor

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