Hiring a Reliable Plumber: What Questions Should You Ask First?

Posted On October 6, 2020

Are you looking for a good plumber? Before hiring just any technician you find in the paper or in online ads, it’s essential that you check up on them by doing a thorough background check and making sure that their expertise is backed up by actual facts and good quality training.

The first question you should think about asking is, “how long have you been a plumber?” Although it seems simple, the answer to this question will tell you a lot, as the best plumbers are the most experienced ones, and they will be able to back up their claims by showing you their license and bringing you proof of the training and school they’ve completed.

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Ask about liability insurance. Even the cheapest plumbers in Denver have to be able to prove that they have the right type of insurance to protect your assets in the event that your property or belongings might be damaged while work on the project is underway.

Don’t forget to inquire about references and ask about their past projects. What do they specialize in? Can they show you evidence of the work they’ve done or refer you to people that they’ve worked for in the past? Oftentimes, these details will make the biggest difference when deciding on who to hire for a plumbing job.

Written by Connor

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