How Denver Plumbing Has Evolved Over the Years

Posted On August 7, 2022

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The oldest plumbing installations date back to the neolithic era and are over 8000 years old. Although Denver hasn’t been around back then, some would say that the city has made remarkable progress in recent years, especially when it comes to the installation of modern, high end and highly robust plumbing fixtures that are built to last far longer than their predecessors ever have.

Up to date piping is a big one. Pipes in Denver used to be made of clay, lead or cast iron, each of which had their own issues. Iron corrodes quickly, while clay is much too fragile. Lead, on the other hand, also has some serious health implications that were only taken seriously a few decades ago Today, new plumbing systems in Denver use copper and PVC, which are both highly durable and can be used successfully for a wide array of different plumbing projects.

Any plumbing company in Denver will recommend that you get mobile, pull-out faucets. In Denver, this type of installation has become quite a trend recently, and it not only increases the sink’s functionality but also adds value to your home.

Finally, eco-friendly installations are the norm these days. Preferred plumbers in Denver will typically recommend that you replace faucets with low-flow alternatives, set up a dual-flush toilet and consider installing energy efficient water heaters and HVAC units that heat your home using water pipes and are far more effective at keeping your carbon footprint on the lower side.

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