How Do Plumbers Help with Water Heater Problems?

Posted On January 21, 2023

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Water heaters are domestic water heating devices that help us to have hot water exactly when we need it.

The problems that may occur with a water heater relate primarily to poor maintenance or failure of its mechanical elements:

  • Thermostat failure
  • Water cooling too quickly
  • Limestone deposits on the heating element
  • Failure of the heating element
  • Deposits of limestone on the magnesium anode
  • Unintended decrease or increase in water pressure
  • Failure of separation valves or gaskets

In addition, silt deposits in the tank can cause malfunctions in the water heater or damage the pressure valve, which is why, when installing your appliance, it is important to use filters that will prevent debris from getting into the tank.

If it is an electric water heater, voltage variations can also cause problems. High voltage can fry the electronic circuit board and the electrical components, while voltage that is too low can prevent the water heater from working properly.

For a correct and long-term operation of your appliance, a correct installation, periodic checkups, maintenance operations and effective repairs are very much needed. All these services must be performed by professional plumbers. The best plumber Denver businesses endorse will know exactly what to do to work efficiently and perform all the necessary fixes on your water heater to keep it functional for as long as possible.



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