How Long Do Water Heaters Last?

Posted On June 5, 2021

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Water heaters are resilient, durable appliances that work all the time to deliver on-demand hot water for your household’s comfort. The usual forecasted lifespan of water heaters is around 10-15 years, but the actual lifespan of your heater depends on many factors – here are some:

  • The source of energy – water heaters come in electrical and gas-operated variants. As a general rule, the water heaters that run on gas last much longer and they are also cheaper to buy and to operate than the units that use electricity;
  • The quality of the water – water heaters use multiple filters to protect the components of the appliance and to remove impurities from the water, but even so, if the water in your area is very hard, the internal components of your unit are at higher risk of being damaged by scale build-ups;
  • Maintenance – to be able to operate reliably for a long time, in demand licensed plumbers in Denver tell us that water heaters need to be maintained at least once a year. The maintenance process should involve cleaning and inspection and should be followed by the repair of even the tiniest fault. You can perform the maintenance yourself, but it is a better idea to call a technician to do it professionally.

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