How Often Should You Service Your Gas Furnace

Posted On May 19, 2021

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To maintain the comfort and safety of your home, you need a gas furnace that is in perfect working condition at all time and that can only be achieved through regular maintenance and timely repairs whenever necessary. Ideally, your gas furnace needs a maintenance visit at least once a year, but to be sure that your furnace is always in tip-top shape, you can step up your game and have your furnace services twice each year, once in spring and once in fall. Astute plumbing contractors in Denver advise that these are the benefits of getting your furnace regularly checked by a professional:

  • Damage prevention – regular maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs and breakdowns that always come when you expect them the least. Most major faults start with small signs that can be neglected for a long time – with regular inspections and maintenance, you can catch those tiny issues and fix them before they turn into a grave defect;
  • Reduced energy needs – a well-maintained furnace needs less energy to deliver good performance than one that is struggling, so your investment into furnace maintenance comes back in the form of reduced energy bills;
  • Longer life for your furnace – a healthy furnace lives longer than a neglected one. Maintenance can prolong the life of your unit by years.

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