How to Caulk a Tub Like a Pro

Posted On February 27, 2021

Even though there are different cleaning solutions for bathtub caulking, the most effective way to improve the aesthetics of the bathtub and get rid of the mold that tends to appear in these areas is the complete replacement of the caulking. Preferred plumbing contractors Denver technicians say that you can do this yourself, even if you do not have specialized knowledge and professional tools.

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You need a special sanitary silicone tube, because it has high resistance to moisture and mold.

 Surface preparation

First, the old caulking must be removed with a special tool or a sharp knife. Work carefully not to chip the faience. You can also use a silicone removing solution to ease your task. Carefully remove dust from the surface, use a detergent to degrease it and allow it to dry completely. Cover the edges with a masking tape, which will be removed immediately after applying the silicone.

Silicone application

Apply silicone along the tub and smooth it with a spatula moistened in a solution of soap or dishwashing detergent. Careful leveling and smoothing of the silicone surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and mold. Remove the masking tape and wait a few hours for the silicone to dry completely.

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