How To Check Your Sprinkler System For Leaks

Posted On May 13, 2021

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Sprinkler system leaks are a major cause of energy loss – if your water bill is much higher than usual and you are sure that you have not used all that water, the culprit is probably the sprinkler system. Here is how to check it to locate the leak:

  • Turn off the water supply to your home and check the water meter – if the meter keeps registering water usage with the supply to your building cut, the source of the leak must be somewhere in your interior plumbing system or in the sprinkler system;
  • Check the interior plumbing – Have an affordable plumbing company Denver trades person check all the fixtures and appliances that use water, including the taps, the faucets, the toilet, the tub and the shower, the pipe system in your basement and the pipes that run outside your building. If you find no problems, you can be sure that the fault is with the sprinkler system, indeed;
  • Check the sprinkler system – the water loss can be caused by the sprinkler heads, the sprinkler stations or by the underground pipes. While the heads and the stations are easy to check – all you need to do is to turn on the water and take a look at them –, the leaks in underground pipes are easier to detect with professional devices, such as acoustical kits, therefore the problem is easier to solve if you call a professional sprinkler repair service.

Written by Connor

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