How to Install a Toilet

Posted On June 20, 2021

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Before installing the toilet bowl, you must install the tank. Toilets with the tank placed on the bowl are the most common and can be easily mounted because they do not require extensive plumbing experience. According to helpful contractors installing plumbing in Denver, here’s what you need to do, in a few simple steps:

  • insert the screws in the clamping spaces of the tank and fix them with nuts
  • place the silicone gasket that will separate the tank from the toilet bowl in the space where the tank will be positioned
  • place the tank on the toilet bowl and tighten the screws with nuts
  • install the component parts of the tank: float, actuation mechanism etc.

Installing the toilet bowl

  • Apply silicone or sanitary putty on the inside of the contour of the toilet bowl, so that its edges come just above the silicone.
  • Place the bowl over the silicone, in the final position, fix the screws in the mounting holes, insert them in the dowels in the tiles and tighten them enough to prevent the toilet bowl from moving left and right; do not force them, however, because porcelain is a sensitive material and can crack easily.
  • Connect the evacuation elbow in a position and at an angle of 3-4%, to ensure correct drainage.
  • Connect the tank to the water network; this operation is done with the help of a flexible tube, which is attached to the ends, with the help of gaskets.
  • Before opening the water tap and filling the tank, check once again the tightness of the gaskets, hoses and drain pipe.




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