How To Maintain Your Water Heater

Posted On June 8, 2021

Your water heater works hard to supply your household with hot water and like any machine and appliance that works a lot, water heaters need to be regularly maintained, too. Your heater needs maintenance once a year, but to be sure that the unit is in top shape at all time, you can check it twice each year, once I spring and once in summer.

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You can have your unit serviced by a water heater plumber Denver expert, but you like doing things around your home, you can easily perform the maintenance on your own. Here are the tasks involved:

  • Turn off the energy supply to the heater, the electricity or gas as well as the water;
  • Check the temperature-pressure-release valve (TPR) – place a bucket under the pipe that leads to the valve and lift the valve’s tab to let out some water, then let go of it. If water keeps flowing, it means that the valve is damaged and you need to replace it;
  • Clean the tank – let out the water, stir up the sediments that remain in the tank and drain them. Repeat the operation until the water that comes out is clean, then refill the tank;
  • Adjust the thermostat – the ideal setting is at 120 degrees.

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