How to Prevent a Basement from Flooding

Posted On February 21, 2021

Water infiltration can become a problem in the life of any homeowner. If you have recently noticed water in the basement, or just moisture and a strong smell of mold, it is more than likely that your basement of has been flooded or affected by water infiltration.

One of the causes of moisture in the basement is represented by infiltration near pipes that pierce the wall, or through cracks in the concrete structure.

The most suitable product for stopping a leak next to a pipe and prevent your basement from flooding is a special sealant that expands in the presence of water, in the direction of minimum resistance. To fulfill its role, the product must be covered with a repair mortar, to expand in an enclosed services Denver

If your basement has more serious problems, you may need to redo the waterproofing. There are several waterproofing solutions, consisting in the installation of bentonite membrane systems, bituminous membranes, or application of waterproofing mortars. Given the complexity and impact of waterproofing works on the durability of your home, it is good to turn to the most comprehensive plumbing services Denver offers for specialists who can provide the right solutions for preventing your basement from flooding.

If you want to get rid of water infiltration, it would be good to “attack” this problem promptly, because the humidity in the basement gradually affects the structure of the house and the finishes of the living area.

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