How to Replace a Garbage Disposal

Posted On November 14, 2020

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According to authorized plumbing services in Denver, a typical garbage disposal unit will last about 12 years, so if you want to have one in your kitchen, you will most likely need to replace it, at some point.

Tools you`ll need include:

  • a hammer
  • a hacksaw
  • pliers
  • a hex wrench
  • a screwdriver

You will also need some materials: a new garbage disposal unit, plumber’s putty and silicone.

Step 1 – Shut off the electricity

Step 2 – Unscrew the discharge tube and separate it from the unit.

Step 3 – Unscrew/ unclip the flexible hose situated above the discharge tube.

Step 4 – Loose the mounting ring until the disposal unit comes free.

Step 4 – Unscrew the metal faceplate that can be found at the bottom of the unit.

Step 5 – underneath the green screw, there is a copper grounding wire that you will have to slip out and unclip the electrical wires connecting the garbage disposal to your home’s electrical system.

Step 6 – inside the old mounting bracket’s flange, there is a rubber snap ring; remove it too. Also remove the old mounting bracket by sliding it off.

Step 7 – Loosen the sink flange by giving it some light taps with the hammer. Pull it up and out of the sink

Step 8 – Use the putty knife and scrape away old putty still remaining around the drain.

Step 9 – Install the new disposal following steps 1-7 in reverse order.

Written by Connor

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