How to Replace a Toilet

Posted On December 20, 2020

When it is time to replace the toilet, removing the old toilet bowl can be an unpleasant operation. However, it is a quite simple operation, which you should be able to do yourself, without calling an installer.

Denver plumber tells how to install a toilet

Here are some tips from a plumber Denver homeowners recommend on how to install a new toilet without making a mess.

The first thing you need to do before removing the old toilet bowl is to turn off the tap water and empty the tank completely. Only then can you unscrew the water hose. Most toilets require a key for this operation.

After finishing opening the flexible water connection and removing the water from the toilet bowl, you are ready to start the process of removing the old toilet bowl and installing the new one. This operation can be a little difficult if the bowl has been in the same place for several years and the screws have rusted or become stuck. Try with a wrench and, if it doesn’t work, you should cut the screws with a hacksaw.

After removing the screws, slowly move the toilet bowl in a circular motion until it is released from the silicone ring that holds it to the floor. Clean the silicone ring as well as any other traces of dirt and debris, then put the new toilet and secure it in place.

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