How to Snake a Clogged Drain

Posted On February 7, 2021

If you have tried everything to dissolve the clog in your drain in the kitchen or in the bathroom, but nothing seems to help, a hardworking plumbing company Denver contractor affirms that using a device that consists of a coiled wire spiral called a snake might be the best solution.

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Here is how to unclog your drain with a snake:

  • Introduce the snake into the drain – you might need to remove some parts of the fixture that has the clog to have access to the drainpipe, then introduce the end of the snake into the hole and drive it in turning the handle. The snake will move forward in the pipe and will pierce the clog;
  • Move the snake – move the snake forward and backward to allow the snake to dislodge the clog and to break it down into smaller pieces. Keep rotating the snake until you feel that the blockage has disappeared;
  • Run the water full power for a couple of minutes – most clogs are accumulations of greasy material, so if possible, use hot water to further dissolve deposits inside the pipe. Running the water will also help you test whether the clog is gone, indeed. If the water does not drain quickly, introduce the snake again and keep rotating it until the desired drain efficiency is achieved.

Written by Connor

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