How To Switch Your Furnace From Heat To Cool

Posted On May 17, 2021

The change between seasons usually requires some maintenance work as well as adjustments made to the major appliances in your home, including your furnace. Here is how to switch your furnace from heat to cool in a few easy steps:

  • Get your furnace inspected – before any changes in furnace settings, you need to make sure that all the components of your appliance are in perfect condition, so start the switching process with a quick check-up and maintenance of the furnace;
  • Set the thermostat in the right position – with most furnaces, changing the operating mode is easy. All you need to do is to locate the thermostat and to set it into the right position. Furnace thermostats usually have three positions, Heat, Cool and Off – to prepare for the warm season, set the unit to Cool;
  • Prepare your humidifier – clean the component and turn it off using the humidistat, usually located somewhere on the ductwork or on the thermostat.

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If the process seems complicated or you want to make sure that the steps are performed correctly, you can turn to a heating and plumbing services Denver professional to adjust your furnace for you – most contractors provide such check-up and adjustment services for very affordable rates.

Written by Connor

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