How to Test the Safety of Your Home’s Water

Posted On July 17, 2021

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Do you have doubts regarding the quality of your home’s water? Do you think the water has a strange taste or smell?

It is good to know that you can test the safety of the water by taking a sample to a water testing center. Specialists use various types of equipment to perform microbiological analysis and identify pathogens that may be in the water, but they also make chemical investigations, including for determining the concentration of nitrites and nitrates in the water.

However, it might be good to know that you can test the water yourself. You will not get the same detailed results, but at least you will be able to determine whether your home`s water is safe.  For this, you need a TDS water quality tester. These devices are easy to find and represent an excellent way to regularly test the water you use, as well as the performance of your water filters. If you notice that the values ​​shown by the TDS device start to increase with the water passing through the water purification system, it means that it is time to change the filters.

Plumbing contractors in Denver with lots of experience affirm that a high value on the TDS meter is also frequently associated with a bad taste of the water, caused by the salts it contains.


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