How to Unclog a Bathtub Without the Help of a Plumber

Posted On October 13, 2020

Unclogging your bath tub can be tricky, especially if you don’t know how your plumbing is wired or if you’re sharing the sewage line with your next door neighbor. Those who live in an apartment building know what we’re talking about…

The most obvious thing you can try is to unscrew the strainer that covers the drain and remove some of the hair, soap and dirt that might be clogging it. That will remove any of the surface debris, but if the issue is deeper, then it won’t do too much to help. In that case look for the best plumbing in Denver to inspect and resolve the plumbing issue.

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The next action you can consider is getting a drain stick and inserting it into the drain. Once it hits something solid, know that it’s the drain trap, which is essentially a curved area of the drain. Continue pushing, as the drain stick is flexible, so it will likely push through if what’s clogging your drain isn’t there.

As you hit the hair and debris that’s stuck in your drain, push the drain stick a little deeper and pull on it to remove the gunk. You can then let some water flow through the drain to see if it worked, then stop and try again if it didn’t. Sometimes of course, the debris clogging your drain has hardened over time, and needs a professional plumber to get it out.

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