If You Bought a New House, Check Out These 10 Things on Your Plumbing

Posted On August 22, 2021

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Moving to a new home requires a lot of different considerations and measures, and your plumbing is definitely one of the most important things you need to check. Here are 10 plumbing-related details that respected Denver plumbers say you should always consider right after you move into your new house:

  1. Look at the faucets and make sure that they’re not leaking and that they turn on and off properly.
  2. Check to see if there are any leaks around the house that might originate from plumbing pipes going through your walls.
  3. Examine the plumbing you have in the basement and check for evidence of prior basement flooding that might have resulted from leaks.
  4. Make sure you also check your heating system and boiler, especially if the heating system you have channels warm water throughout the house.
  5. Make a note of rooms that don’t have water or heating access and should have it.
  6. If you have smart controls for faucets, your shower or other elements, make sure they work properly.
  7. Look to see if the drainage works properly and your bath water or the dirty water from your sink doesn’t flood the area when it’s being released at a greater volume.
  8. Look for evidence of any outdoor areas that may have been affected by sewer water that isn’t draining properly.
  9. Check to see if the valve that allows you to turn off the water for an entire section of the house or for the entire home is operational.
  10. Have a professional plumber do a complete and thorough inspection on the entire home.

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