Important Things to Know If You Need A Sewer Line Replacement

Posted On March 13, 2021

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Having efficient sewer lines in your home is essential for the proper drainage of wastewater, but sooner or later, even the best maintained sewer lines will fail. If you live in an old home that has old sewage pipes that are no longer developing the expected performance, sewer line plumbing repair Denver specialists confirm that these are some things to know before you get your pipes replaced:

  • How your sewer system works – the system consists of more than just pipes in your walls. The network of pipes that transfer and ventilate the waste meet below the building, where they connect to the main drain through which the waste is carried to the municipal sewer;
  • The causes of sewer line breakdown – the most common causes are inadequate maintenance; plant roots, especially tree roots that grow into the pipes; ground shifting and climate change and the natural aging of the pipes;
  • Modern sewer pipes – sewer pipes come in many different material varieties, from traditional materials, such as clay and cast iron to modern materials, such as PVC and ABS. The modern synthetic materials are more durable as well as easier to work with, so your plumber will probably recommend you to use these variants, rather than the old types.

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