Plumbing Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Posted On July 5, 2021

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Renovating your bathroom or dealing with a leaking pipe are excellent reasons to call a Christopher’s Plumbing contractor ( But sometimes we have to call a Christopher’s Plumbing specialist also because we make some stupid mistakes that we can no longer fix. This article aims to identify some of these mistakes, to avoid their consequences.

 Using the sink as a trash can

Garbage should be thrown in the trash, not in the sink. There are several reasons why things should be done this way, the most obvious being the clogging of the pipes that ensure the drainage of the sink. Watermelon seeds, potato peels as well as different leaves are the things often found by plumbers in the sink pipes.

 Putting heavy weights on sanitary installations

Whether it’s about bathroom faucets, shower sets or other water pipes, do not hang thing on them!. Their role is not this.

Improper connections

This is a more technical problem that many of those who do DIY plumbing work do not know. Connecting different types of metals in plumbing pipes, such as steel and copper, requires proper connections. Without them, metals can corrode quickly at the joints, this being called “dielectric corrosion”.


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