Plumbing Updates to Make for A More Energy Efficient Home

Posted On January 24, 2021

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How safe and efficient the plumbing system in your home is will determine how safe and comfortable your home is as a whole as well as how much you will spend on water and energy bills. Fortunately, highly skilled plumbers in Denver corroborate there are many ways to increase the energy-efficiency of your home as well as your comfort and safety. Here are some:

  • Insulating the pipes – pipe insulation will reduce the risk of pipe damage in winter and will also prevent overheating in summer. The solution reduces heat transfer to the minimum, thus reducing the amount of workload that your water heater will need to handle;
  • Maintain your water heater – the water heater is a major energy consumer in any home, therefore ensuring that it is completely operational at all time is essential for a more energy efficient home. Ideally, you should perform heater maintenance every 6 months, but if the water in your regions contains lots of sediments, you might need heater maintenance every 4 months;
  • Maintain and update your fixtures – cleaning your plumbing fixtures to ensure proper water flow and upgrading to energy-efficient, low-flow fixtures will also reduce your home’s water consumption by reducing the amount of water that gets wasted.

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