Plumbing Updates to Make Your Home Greener

Posted On March 27, 2021

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Reducing the carbon footprint of our existence is very important for our present and our future as well. If you want to make your home more environmentally friendly, there are many ways to achieve that – here are some ways to have an eco-friendlier plumbing system in your home:

  • Minimize energy loss through your pipes – modern pipes are made from steel or polyethylene that maintain heat very well and are also durable, so replace your old pipes if you can. If replacement is not an option, you can increase the energy-efficiency of your old plastic or copper pipes by adding insulation (a very affordable solution);
  • Toilets – if you have the budget for a new toilet, replace your existing fixture with an energy-efficient, modern unit; the replacement will allow you to reduce the water needed for your toilet by 20-60 percent. You can also improve the energy-efficiency of your existing toilet by using a toilet water energy saver kit;  Talk to an informed plumber in Denver for solutions to fit all budgets.
  • Get eco-friendly faucets or faucet accessories – these solutions allow you to save around 700 gallons of water per faucet per year;
  • Maintain your pipes with eco-friendly products – the main ingredient of conventional drainage pipe cleaners is caustic soda, a harsh chemical that is harmful for our natural environment. Replace these conventional cleaners with eco-friendly products – they are just as efficient, but harmless for nature.

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