The Worst Plumbing Issues to Avoid as the Freeze Sets in

Posted On January 29, 2023

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When the temperatures drop, the pipes passing through your house become a danger if you are not cautious, because they can freeze very quickly and break, and the damage could be significant. Here are some tips from plumbing Denver repair contractors that can help you to avoid these plumbing issues.

  1. Locate the taps

Every pipe has a stop valve. Be prepared and locate all the taps so you can quickly close them, in case any pipe breaks.

  1. Maintain an optimum temperature indoors

Before the first frost is announced, check if you have a good temperature in the area where most of the pipes in the house are located. The money spent on heating would be much less than the amount to repair the damage caused by a broken pipe.

  1. Let the tap drip

If the pipes are provided with both hot and cold water taps, let them both drip slowly, as this will prevent freezing. If there is only one tap, set it to medium, so that hot and cold water are activated simultaneously.

  1. Defrost the frozen pipes safely

If you notice that water is not flowing from a tap that you have opened, it probably means that the pipe has frozen. Keep the faucet open to reduce pressure, but do not leave it unattended. If you have detected the frozen area, try thawing it using a hair dryer. Do not use an open flame, because besides the fact that it will damage the pipe, it may also cause a fire.

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