Tips for Caulking a Tub

Posted On June 18, 2021

Honest plumbers in Denver confirm that caulking a tub is necessary to prevent water damage and unaesthetic mold formation. It is not a complicated operation and you can do it yourself if you have a caulk tube with an appropriate applicator, a cutter, as well as gloves and some denaturized alcohol, in the case you are using silicone.plumbers in Denver

You must start by cutting off the tip of your caulk tube, using the cutter. Make sure you perform the cut at a 45-degree angle, because it will help you apply easily the sealant. Additionally, you should avoid cutting too much of the tube`s tip, otherwise you will have to deal with lots of excess materials, which may ruin your work. Keep in mind that caulking a tub typically requires a narrow bead.

Make sure you have the right position and stability to apply constant pressure and speed all along the joint. Just move the tip of your caulking tub along the joint, while keeping it at the same angle and squeezing the handle steadily, to produce an even flow. When you reach the end of the joint, simply lift the tip and release the pressure.

The next step is smoothing the caulk with your wet fingertip. Just run it lightly along the joint, to produce and even seal between the tub and the wall. If you are using silicone, you should wear gloves (latex or vinyl) and wet your fingertip with denatured alcohol.

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