Typical Summer Plumbing Repairs You’ll Want to Call a Plumber for

Posted On July 31, 2022

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Summer is usually a time when plumbing problems return with a vengeance. Even if you do your best to maintain all your systems and ensure that everything runs smoothly, chances are you’ll have to deal with at least a few plumbing issues here and there.

Clogged toilets and slow draining showers are definitely a summer thing. If you have kids, chances are they’ll be spending a lot more time (along with their friends) at your home, which means they will also have to use the bathroom a lot – instead of using the one at their school. Fast forward a month or two, and you might have yourself a real plumbing emergency.

Another problem that has to be dealt with as quickly as possible may have a lot to do with your sprinklers. During the summer, you’d normally have the sprinklers on a lot to water your lawn and garden. However, that can lead especially older sprinklers to leak, rust and even fail entirely. To fix the issue, you’ll need to call in a dependable team of Denver plumbing repair specialists.

Finally, if you have a basement, then you have to check on your sump pump at least a few times throughout the summer. Even if it works well for now, failing to regularly maintain your pump can lead it to fail in the summer, so you could be left with a lot of standing water in the basement. Call in a trusted plumber Denver homeowners recommend before that’s the case.

Written by Connor

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