What Causes Sewage Backup

Posted On August 7, 2021

During torrential rains, the water level rises above the so-called reflux level. This term is usually used to refer to street level. Rooms in the basement of buildings will be immediately flooded. The result: the furniture placed in the basement rooms will be severely damaged, the electrical appliances will break down, and the rest of the goods will be soaked with water, all this causing great inconvenience and very high expenses for the families living in the affected buildings.

Reasons for the occurrence of sewage backup

Mixed public sewerage and storm water installations are not properly sized so that they can withstand extreme torrential rains.

  • Existence of blockages, cracks or damage to the sewer system
  • Pump failure, if the sewage system is connected to a pumping station
  • High levels recorded on watercourses or rivers
  • Blockages or derivations on the pipes of the sewerage installation caused by some repair works

The solution

A great plumber in Denver with considerable experience asserts that drainage elements, such as drains from washing machines, floor drains, sinks, showers (gray water) or toilets (black water) that are below the reflux level, must be effectively and permanently protected against the phenomenon of sewage backup. Wastewater that is discharged due to gravity through the drainage pipes in the sewer system must be prevented from returning to the building through the installation of an anti-discharge valve.


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