What is a Sump Pump & Do I Need One?

Posted On July 31, 2021

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Sump pumps are devices that can be very helpful in any household where drainage, sewage pumping or general pumping is needed.

According to the most hard working licensed plumbers Denver has, there are two popular categories of sump pumps: submersible and pedestal.

Submersible pumps are devices that can be completely immersed in water and that push water to the surface due to their powerful motor. The water is drawn into the pump, the first time in the inlet, from where the rotor pushes it to the surface.

Submersible pumps are efficient and economical. They are immersed vertically in the water, and under the rotations of the motor, the water is subjected to a centrifugal force. Through this action, some of the kinetic energy is transformed into potential energy, and the resulting pressure pushes the water to the surface.

Pedestal pumps are typically used when the sump pump pit is shallow or narrow. This type of pump is placed outside the water, but close to it. When it is turned on, it draws water from a depth and pushes it back through the pipe.

A submersible pump is more energy efficient than a pedestal pump. The latter uses more electricity due to its lower abilities. Submersible drainage sump pumps use direct pressure to extract water; pedestal pumps use an indirect technique, namely aspiration.


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