What Is Reverse Osmosis Filtration and How Does It Really Work?

Posted On November 6, 2020

Christopher's Plumbing

If you did some research on the production of clean, drinking water, you probably heard about a process known as reverse osmosis filtration. Christopher’s Plumbing professionals tell us that reverse osmosis filtration is a highly effective method of removing various chemical elements and harmful biologic and organic agents, including many types of bacteria, from water. Its most popular use is in the production of potable water.

The process of reverse osmosis filtration is produced with the use of a semipermeable membrane – a very thin, synthetic or biological membrane, that permits for some molecules to pass through it through diffusion, while others are not allowed to pass through. By applying a controlled pressure, it is possible to use the membrane to overcome the osmosis pressure of water, which is a property driven by certain chemical balances that prevents it from taking in a pure solvent.

The process entails the use of a membrane that is either non-porous or features extremely fine nano-pores that are about 0.001 micrometers in size. Unlike regular filtration, the process is powered by diffusion, which ensures adequate fluid flow across the fine surface of the semipermeable membrane.

Aside from drinking water purification, reverse osmosis filtration is also known to be used in various other processes, such as the production of low alcohol beer, hydrogen, maple syrup, and a variety of other applications in the food industry.

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