What to Do If a Pipe Bursts In Your Home

Posted On July 24, 2021

A very large number of people call a top plumbing repair Denver specialist when they deal with a broken pipe in their house. You may be notified, at work, that a pipe has broken in your home and creates problems to your neighbors, or you may wake up in the morning and step out of bed directly into a puddle.

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What do you do, in such a situation? What are the first steps you need to take to limit the water damage? What safety precautions should you pay attention to when a pipe bursts in your house?

First of all, try to collect all the water. Once you have located where the pipe broke, try putting a recipient under it, to avoid extensive water damage. Use plenty of towels and mop up the water that has accumulated on the floor.

Then turn off the main water supply in the house to drastically reduce the amount of water that can be lost in such situations, as well as the power supply, to prevent short circuits and other dangerous accidents.

Until an emergency plumber arrives, you can also turn on all cold water taps and flush the toilet to prevent a larger volume of water from flowing through the broken pipe.


Written by Connor

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