What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Posted On June 24, 2023

Christopher's Plumbing

Depending on the nature of your plumbing emergency, you might want to call Christopher’s Plumbing emergency plumbers right away. However, sometimes it’s not that straightforward, and you’ll find that you might need to do some damage control in order to prevent the issue from causing severe water damage and leading to property damage that might cost you thousands of dollars to address.

The first thing you have to do is assess the damage and see if you need to do something to contain it. For example, a clogged drain is less of an emergency if your faucet or shower isn’t leaking, and you can simply avoid using it until the plumber gets there to unclog it. However, a burst water pipe (especially one that’s in the wall) is far more difficult to deal with, and would require you to first stop the water in order to prevent any damage to your walls or other areas of your property that could be affected.

Water main damage is among the most problematic plumbing emergencies, since it can lead to not only your property being damaged, but also the property of your neighbor. In such cases, you might not be able to turn off the water or contain the damage in any way. So your best choice is to call in your local emergency plumbers from Christopher’s Plumbing to assess the problem and deal with it right away.

Written by Connor

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