When Is It Time to Call a Plumber

Posted On December 29, 2020

A durable, well-built sanitary installation offers a high level of comfort to any home. It is important to know the warning signs of a clogged pipe or a blocked drain before they discharge or break and call a professional in advance.

Here are some signals that the installation needs the intervention of a plumber:

Drain pipes are bubbling

If you hear unusual noises when using the toilet, sink, washing machine or dishwasher, they may be the sign of a clogged drain.

Denver plumbing

Drops can be heard through the pipes

If you hear water dropping through the pipes, even though the taps are closed, it is probably a leak occurring along the pipe route. Check for damp spots on the ceiling, walls or floors. If the wet stain is hot, the leak is likely to be from the hot water pipe.

Running toilet

If you hear water running down the toilet continuously, the cause may be a worn or damaged flap, and it should be easy to replace. If whistling noises are heard, a possible cause would be wear and tear on the internal tank components, in which case a complete replacement could be the most cost effective option.

Constantly low water pressure, slow draining of water and freezing pipes in the winter are other reasons why you should call a Denver plumbing professional.


Written by Connor

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