How to Choose a Water Heater

Posted On June 26, 2021

Those who are on a budget and cannot afford to purchase a boiler, as well as those who do not need a large amount of hot water, can confidently turn to an instant water heater. Not only does it have a relatively low cost, but it is also very easy to install and use.

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When choosing a water heater, some of the most established plumbing companies Denver has suggest to keep in mind that there are two types:

  • Electric heaters – The advantages of an electric heater are that it heats water quickly (in a much shorter time than a boiler) and has average electricity consumption. In terms of costs, however, the operating costs of an electric heater are higher compared to those of a gas heater. If you need hot water in the bathroom and in the kitchen, it is advisable to install one water heater in each room, because these appliances cannot cope with the flow at two taps.
  • Gas heaters – A basic gas water heater has a heat exchanger and a burner. Ideally, you should choose a product with an ionization electrode and no standby flame. Such an appliance can be an unlimited source of hot water, unlike a furnace with a separate boiler.

When choosing a water heater, you need to consider the flow of hot water it can provide. The best heaters end up offering over 10 liters per minute.

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